mardi 15 janvier 2008

Comme un poisson dans l'eau

There is a french idiom saying "As a fish in the water" meaning that you feel very comfortable.
When it's raining, under my umbrella, I feel "comme un poisson dans l'eau" ! And so are these little birds and butterflies. The flying swimming fishes doesn't worry about this little rain ...

7 commentaires:

carla a dit…

Very sweet and colorful:> It makes me think of a mobile in a child's room!

Faruffa a dit…

I love umbrellas, I think they free fantasy!
ciao :o)

@V. a dit…

Mary Poppins is back!
On dirait un manege (de la part de camille!)
Continues, on adore!

laurel a dit…

Very cute and creative!

Mercedes De La Jara a dit…

Beautiful !!

Laura a dit…

Tres jolie! The colours are beautiful together.

aizen marina a dit…

It is beautiful and funny!
I love it!
It is a dance of colours and love!